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Wicked Grounds Cafe
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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
11:19 pm
New VIP Benefits: even MORE reasons to support your Kinky Coffee Shop!
We are so excited to announce that our annual Very Important Pervert package has TWO new benefits! Not only does it still have all the awesome benefits it used to have, there now another reason to become a Wicked Grounds VIP. For the paltry sum of $300, you get all this:

  • ***NEW BENEFIT*** PRIVATE VIP AREA for FOLSOM STREET FAIR: chill out, relax, and escape the craziness of the Fair in our private, air-conditioned VIP lounge. Be waited on by sexy guys and gals! No standing in line to get served! Get a massage!
  • 10% off ALL FOOD DRINK for the WHOLE YEAR
  • Swanky VIP membership card (it’s laminated and everything!)
  • TWO FREE 15 minute chair MASSAGES with Randy Chaitkin of Knowing Touch Massage Therapy on our regular Thursday or Sunday massage night
  • Mention on our SUPPORTERS WEBPAGE, including a LINK and BANNER of your choice!
  • A FREE Wicked Grounds T-SHIRT
  • An unwashed, worn pair of panties/underwear from a chosen member of staff (OPTIONAL! Subject to the staff member’s approval)
  • A Wicked Grounds BUMPER STICKER
  • A copy of each of our EXCLUSIVE COLORING BOOKS, signed by the artist
  • SIX FREE Red Blossom teas, Ritual coffees, Ghirardelli hot chocolates, or Boylan’s/Dry Sodas
  • EXCLUSIVE Thank You parties EVERY SIX MONTHS with special guests and awesomely sexy and kinky performances: COMING SOON 
* If you are currently a VIP and your birthday has already passed during your membership, please come in with your VIP card and ID and we’ll have a belated celebration for you!

Click here to become an annual VIP through Paypal, or mail a check to ‘Wicked Grounds’ at the address below, together with your email address.

  1. There is no cover charge or entrance fee: you can come and go freely, hang out, and use our free WIFI without having to pay simply to get through the door.
  2. We are open, welcoming, and accepting: we are the only café in San Francisco where you can talk freely (no children!), have your slave sitting on the floor on the end of a leash, and get your milkshake in a dog bowl. Our doors are open to all, whatever your gender, orientation, or role.
  3. Home to more and more of your favorite munches: Wicked Grounds is host to over 15 monthly munches - that’s one every other night! At WG, there’s no need to limit your conversation, hide who you really are, or dress in any particular way. What better place to hold or attend a munch?
  4. We are not a bar or nightclub: no loud music (if it is too loud, just let a barista know!), no leering drunk people, and no cruising pressure (though it’s the kind of environment where starting a conversation with that cutie you’ve been eyeing isn’t weird!).
  5. We just became members of the Green Café Network: we compost and recycle everything we can, we pay a little extra for compostable cups, straws, and Green Planet bottled water, and try to limit our overall use of packaging.
  6. We serve premium, local food and drink: Ritual Coffee, Red Blossom Tea, Double Rainbow ice cream - the list goes on. We take pride in the taste and freshness of our food and drink, and choose to make our drinks with organic Clover milk, our sandwiches fresh, and never keep coffee sitting stewing before serving it to you.
  7. We’re trying to be ethical employers: from April, we’re offering health insurance to our full time staff, which obviously means higher costs for us.
  8. We showcase local artists and craftspeople: we hang work from local artists (which is for sale, by the way!), and stock toys and jewelry from members of our own community, who may not have any other outlet.
  9. We were totally screwed by city bureaucracy trying to get open: and 6 months later, we are still struggling to recover. The city bureaucracy’s aftercare sucks...
  10. We are part of the Community: we have worked hard to make Wicked Grounds an important part of San Francisco, as well as the wider Leather Community. We have sponsored community events (Folsom Street Fair, IMsL, NWLC, Sacramento Valley Leather, Shibaricon), donated to charitable causes, as well as being a meeting place for many organisations’ meetings.
We want to continue to grow and give back, and with your support, we can do that.


We have plenty of alternatives to our VIP membership. We would like to introduce our 6 MONTH VIP MEMBERSHIP! For $150, you get the following:
  • 10% off ALL FOOD DRINK for 6 months
  • Swanky VIP membership card (it’s laminated and everything!)
  • TWO FREE 15 minute chair MASSAGES with Randy Chaitkin of Knowing Touch Massage Therapy on our regular Thursday or Sunday massage night
  • Mention on our SUPPORTERS WEBPAGE, including a LINK and BANNER of your choice!
  • An unwashed, worn pair of panties/underwear from a chosen member of staff (OPTIONAL! Subject to the staff member’s approval)
  • A Wicked Grounds BUMPER STICKER
  • A copy of each of our EXCLUSIVE COLORING BOOKS, signed by the artist
  • SIX FREE Red Blossom teas, Ritual coffees, Ghirardelli hot chocolates, or Boylan’s/Dry Sodas
  • EXCLUSIVE Thank You party with special guests and awesomely sexy and kinky performances: COMING SOON
Click here to become an 6 month VIP through Paypal, or mail a check to ‘Wicked Grounds’ at the address below, together with your email address.

You have the option to GIVE WHATEVER YOU CAN. We sincerely appreciate every single donation, and want to give an opportunity for people to give at a level they are able. Every donor receives a thank you gift in the mail, which includes free drink(s) and bumper sticker, with other items included depending on the level of donation!

Click here to choose an amount to donate through Paypal, or mail a check to ‘Wicked Grounds’ at the address below, together with your email address.

Finally, supporting the cafe with YOUR PATRONAGE is, of course, highly encouraged. Having all you wonderful people enjoying yourselves at Wicked Grounds really does make all the hard work put in by our staff and supporters completely worth it.

Thank you for reading this email, and for supporting Wicked Grounds.
Mr and Mrs Wicked Grounds

*** Wicked Grounds ***
Kink café and boutique
289 8th Street (@Folsom), San Francisco, CA 94103
T: 415 503 0405
E: wickedgrounds@me.com
W: http://www.wickedgrounds.com
Tw: http://twitter.com/wickedgrounds
9:04 pm
Events this week! Giveaway! Fakir!
Hello all!

This will be the first of two posts we will be sending out this week. Apologies for this, but they concern different topics, so it didn't seem appropriate to send them in the same email! I hope you can forgive us!

This week, we have not one, but two of our regular munches:
TONIGHT, Tuesday, March 30, 7pm: Polyconscious Group Share: come talk about all things poly!
Wednesday, March 31, 8pm: SF Fetish Munch: get your glad rags* on, and meet and greet like-minded people before going to Bondage-a-Go-Go.


Thursday, April 1, 7pm - 9pm

Come to Wicked Grounds and take part in an Easter Giveaway! Win candy, coupons (including for Wicked Grounds), and even an awesome toy. The Blowfish team will be demoing some of their items, as well as making them available for sale - buy someone special something sexy for Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 6pm - 10pm
Opening and Artist's Reception 6pm - 10pm

Meet some of the models in person! GenderFlex was first seen in 2009 as part of the Femina Potens IDENTITY show, National Queer Arts Festival and Gay Pride Celebration. Fakir's GenderFlex exhibit features 24 unique color portraits of local and community trans persons, F2M and M2F: those who feel out-of-place on either end of the gender spectrum and have found a more comfortable place in the middle or opposite end.

The exhibit can be seen through April, May and June. For more information and sample images go to Fakir's web site www.fakir.org.

We truly hope to see you all this week!
Mr and Mrs WG

*Mrs WG here. Mr WG doesn't think this is a recognized American term. However, it is part of my normal parlance as the English one. If you're confused, Google it. Except when I just did, the first couple of results were, um, confusing. Maybe not really work safe either. What we mean is dress to impress...
Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
7:07 pm
The Rest of March and preview of April: Maintenance Day, Knitting, Poly, ART MONTH, oh my!
First things first though: WICKED GROUNDS IS SIX MONTHS OLD! That's right folks, we've been open for half a year as of March 16th. It's been a tough ride so far, and without you we would never have gotten this far, so THANK YOU! Let's all work together to make the next six months EVEN BETTER!

We didn't want to start with this announcement, but we didn't want you to be disappointed when you head down to Wicked Grounds. Instead of picking a national holiday - when you're all off work - to close, we picked a random day in the middle of March. We simply have to get some maintenance things done around the cafe, and we're afraid we have to close to do it. If you like polishing floors, and want to donate your time to us, Monday March 22nd is the day to come on down to 289 8th Street ;)

On the bright side though - we'll look all shiny and even more beautiful on Tuesday, March 23rd when it's business as usual.

The beginning of 2010 has seen an explosion in gatherings being held at Wicked Grounds. We now host the Society of Janus' Newbie Coffee Social, a weekly knitting circle, and a PolyConscious group share. As always, see our calendar on our website for a complete listing of events. Our Munches are getting too numerous to mention individually here!

Special events for the next couple of weeks include:
March 28th, 8pm: Post CSC/SoJ Class Gathering: come to Wicked Grounds after Dossie Easton and Rae Goldman's class on Switching
April 1st, 7pm: Blowfish.com's Easter Giveaway: get free stuff! We promise this is not an April Fool. At least I hope not as Blowfish.com have some really awesome stuff...
April 13th, 8pm: Wicked Ground's welcomes the Stampede Pony Munch

Whilst we will be very sad to see our very own Suzanne Rachel Forbes' show go down at the end of March, we will be welcoming a show entitled GenderFlex by Fakir Musafar. More details will follow about the opening reception for this three month show.

However, that's not all. For the whole month of April, we will be celebrating the rich gifts that art provides us with, and will have some special art for sale (though don't forget, the art in our shows is always for sale anyway!) as well as special events throughout the month. Since this is so exciting, a whole message needs to be dedicated to ART MONTH, so keep your eyes peeled!

As always, thank you for supporting us and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Mr and Mrs Wicked Grounds.
Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
5:20 pm
Useful and Important Bits!
 There are many ways you can help support Wicked Grounds!

Come in and get a cup of coffee, tea, or a soda!  Have some of our delectable desserts or scrumptious sandwiches!  We also sell books, shirts, and kinky products, many of which are made by artists in the Bay Area BDSM community!

Another way to help is to donate.

Check out our Calendar for current and upcoming events.  We host a number of munches, meetings, and game nights.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, FetLife!  Join our mailing list for the monthly goings on at the cafe.

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
5:12 pm
Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
5:11 pm
Uncle Harry's Shameless Plug
We all have been busy or just out of town with the Holidays. Our favorite Shoppe Owners and their Barista's have missed us. Well and their bottom line has missed us too.

Take a special minute this next week and month to stop into Wicked Grounds. Give 'em one of your best smiles. Then order your favorite drink with a tasty sandwich hot or cold or one of their waffles (they're from home made batter). How about a cookie to go?

Did you know the shelves are full of a new order of Wicked Grounds tee shirts? [Including tanks that fit larger ladies and men - Mrs Wicked Grounds]

Can we make them crazy busy? I think we can! This week right now they need our business.

Lets welcome Ryan back from his family visit and send Rose off to her law school studies with a BUTT LOAD of business. Lets show them how much we all love them.

This shameless plug was brought to you by Daddy Harry Protector and Uncle to Wicked Grounds
Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
5:08 pm
Three VERY SPECIAL events in December
We have THREE incredible events happening in the next couple of weeks, and they really deserve pimping out more than just a brief mention in the other mailing that we sent out this week!

Wicked Grounds is proud to invite you to join host Pony Mistress Rebecca Wilcox for our first Pony Salon: An evening to socialize one's pony. All Ponies are welcome, as are all Trainers. We will also have demonstrations and discussion, and if asked nicely, our host will gladly sign copies of her book, The Human Pony.

Join the super hot Pro Dommes of the Pro Dommes and Beyond Calendar 2010 for a holiday gallery party. Featuring photography by Pat Johnson studios, magical entertainment, DJs, fetish vendors, and tasty treats, this should be a glamourous, sophisticated night to remember at Wicked Grounds.

Party food is included, and our usual delicious selection of hot and cold drinks, as well as our full food menu, will be available for purchase throughout the whole party. All are welcome, and fetish attire is encouraged.

Please note that Wicked Grounds will be closed from 5:30pm - 7:30pm on this evening for party preparation and the invite only section of the party.

Going away to the vanilla family for your holiday? Fancy a fantastic three course meal in our cosy, friendly café, surrounded by fellow kinksters and served by scantily-clad waiters and waitresses*? Want to have the chance to win some awesome prizes in our raffle*? Or just want to help support Wicked Grounds?

Well, you're in luck. In partnership with one of our fabulous and amazing suppliers, Violet Sweet Shoppe, we are putting on Formal Holiday Dinner at Wicked Grounds. We are still finalizing the menu, but it currently includes:

Fresh Baked Breads with White Bean Herb Spread
Mixed Baby Greens with Cranberries and Pecans in a Sweet Mustard Vinaigrette
Winter Squash Bisque

Marinated Chicken or Tofu Steaks with Steamed Vegetables
Quinoa Stuffed Filo Cups with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Mousse and Fresh Berries
Vanilla Bean Shortbread with Chai Spiced Pastry Cream and Candied Almonds
Accompanied by fresh Ritual Coffee, or Red Blossom tea

Doesn't that sound just incredible? Plus, in true Wicked Grounds style, the menu is super friendly to all dietary requirements! Our usual delicious selection of hot and cold drinks will be available to purchase throughout the meal.

*If you want to volunteer to be one of our scantily-clad servers (all ages, genders, sexualities etc. etc. very much welcomed), or want to donate something to the raffle, please reply to this email letting us know! We LOVE people who donate time and/or stuff!

A ticket can be yours for a paltry $20 (or $15 if you're already a VIP. If not, why not?! See this post for more details!). If you would like to reserve a ticket, drop into Wicked Grounds, or reply to this email for details about purchasing a ticket online if you can't get down to the café before December 21st (there will be a small fee for purchasing online. Paypal fees, y'know...).


We hope to see you at all of the above events!
Ryan and Rose, aka Mr and Mrs Wicked Grounds
Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
5:00 pm
December at Wicked Grounds

Here at Wicked Grounds, we are super excited about it being December! We have some amazing events coming up, as well as a new selection of delicious French Press coffees, as well as various aesthetic improvements to the cafe.

We have been overwhelmed by the response of our community to this post. Thank you all so much. Whether you donated large or small, came into Wicked Grounds just that little bit more, or spread the word, we are so grateful to you. There is, however, still a little way to go, and support is always very much appreciated. Every cent counts, so if you can spare even merely a few, please do so. Don't forget, we have wonderful thank you gifts for every level of donation.

Our December is full of wonderful events - there's one almost every night! For full details on events, please check out our own online Calendar on our website, but here's a quick preview:

1.•Most Tuesdays: 7pm - 9pm: Bootblacking with Morgasmo.

2.•Every Thursday: 6pm - close: Chair massage with Randy (CMT). 7pm - close: Tarot for the wicked, the pure, and the unsure with Anastasia.

1.•Friday 4th: 5:30pm: Jewish Naughty Nosh (munch). 8pm: Pre-Bent Takeover

2.•Sunday 6th: 6pm - close: WOMEN ONLY night

3.•Friday 11th: 7pm: Grizzly's Not Necessarily Single Games Night

4.•Saturday 12th: 7pm: Screwup 'Skills Share'

5.•Sunday 13th: 6pm - close: MEN ONLY night

6.•SPECIAL EVENT Tuesday 15th: 7pm - close: Pony Salon with Rebecca Wilcox

7.•Wednesday 16th: 6pm - 8pm: SF Littles' Munch

8.•Saturday 19th: 4pm - 5:30pm: San Francisco Boys of Leather meet

9.•SPECIAL EVENT SATURDAY 19th: 7:30pm - 2am: Pro-Dommes and Beyond "Some Like it Hotter" Calendar and Gallery Party. FREE FOOD and LOTS OF SPECIAL GUESTS! (please note that we will be closed 5:30pm - 7:30pm for party preparation and the invite only portion of the party. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.).

10.•Sunday 20th: 6pm - close: Bring Your Human Animal Night

11.•Saturday 26th: 12noon: Grizzly's Not Necessarily Single Munch

12.•Wednesday 30th: 8pm - close: SF Fetish Munch

COMING UP IN JANUARY: VIP Party, Raven Kaldera, first ever Exiles munch, and more...

Christmas Eve, Thursday December 24th: close at 8pm
Christmas Day, Friday December 25th: CLOSED
New Year's Eve, Thursday December 31st: close at 9pm
New Year's Day, Friday January 1st: CLOSED

We have bowed to popular request and now have pickles as a salad option! But what is possibly more exciting is that we're going to have WAFFLES so very soon!

And don't forget, every month we have a new selection of delicious Ritual Coffees for our freshly-made French press coffees! Check out our menu for more information.

Come THIS WEEKEND (12/4 - 12/6) for 20% off all our Project Transaction stock!

And, if you mention this message, get 20% off all of JaneRose's beautiful bracelets and necklaces until December 24th - get that extra special present for your loved one.

Don't forget about all the rest of our wonderful items - see our suppliers here, but to see our full selection, you'll just have to come into the cafe!

Keep up all the wonderful support!
Mr and Mrs Wicked Grounds: Rose and Ryan

*** Wicked Grounds ***
Kink café and boutique
289 8th Street (@Folsom), San Francisco, CA 94103
T: 415 503 0405
E: wickedgrounds@me.com
W: http://www.wickedgrounds.com
Tw: http://twitter.com/wickedgrounds
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
4:55 pm
What a Wonderful November!
Hello there our dedicated readers! What an amazing line up we have for you for November - things just keep getting better by the week at Wicked Grounds! In this episode, we see our intrepid Mr and Mrs Wicked Grounds writing about our Halloween Party, gender specific nights, opening on Mondays, and the brief run down of everything else happening in November!


Our Halloween Party
Still haven't decided what to do for Halloween? Want to win some fabulous prizes? Come to Wicked Grounds for our FIRST EVER Halloween Party! We will be running various kinky contests, such as best costume, fastest mummification and most perverted Halloween decoration, with super cool prizes for every round! Plus they'll be a prize for the overall best in show!

So, come along with your toy bag in your amazing costume and enjoy your Halloween with us fabulous people at Wicked Grounds. From 7pm onwards, Saturday October 31.

Men and Women Only Nights
November 1 marks our very first Men Only Night - right at the end of the fantastic International Leather Sir and boy and International Community Bootblack weekend. From 6pm that Sunday - and every first Sunday of the month - join our male baristas and Randy Chaitkin of Knowing Touch Massage Therapy for socializing, chilling out, and of course, our amazing eats and drinks.

From November 8, every second Sunday of the month will mark Women Only Night. Come chill out with our female baristas, chat with women you know and don't, and generally have a wonderful time with us at Wicked Grounds!

Monday Opening
Due to popular demand, we are going to be open on Mondays from November 2nd onwards. There are a few caveats though, but hopefully nothing too terrible! We will open from 1pm to allow our wonderful baker to bake up some fresh goodies, and will close at our normal weekday closing, 10pm.

The end of October and most of November
As always, see our Calendar for up to date and complete information (it's subscribable, if you didn't already know!), but here's a quick run down:

Every Tuesday: Morgasm bootblacks, 7pm onwards
Every Thursday: massage with Randy, 6pm onwards. Tarot for the wicked, the pure, and the unsure with Anastasia, 7pm onwards.
Wednesday October 28: SF Fetish Munch
Friday November 6: Jewish Naughty Nosh (munch) (TBC)
Friday 13: Grizzly's "Not Necessarily Single" Kinky Games Night/Munch
Saturday 14: Screwup (TBC)
Sunday 16: Bring your human animal night!
Friday 20: Exiles post-program coffee
Wednesday 25: SF Fetish Munch
Saturday 28: Grizzly's "Not Necessarily Single" Munch

Thank you all for reading this far! See you lots during November, we hope!
Rose and Psychokitty
Friday, October 9th, 2009
4:52 pm
Food, Glorious Food!
We finally have all our suppliers lined up for savory FOOD! Yay! So, come in from next Tuesday onwards and we'll have salads and sandwiches. We might even have juices, smoothies and waffles...

October is FULL of wonderful events. As always, see our Calendar for full details, but in our line up we have:
• October 17: Chill out after the Ms SF Leather Contest
• October 18: Bring your human animal!
• October 19: Kink.com porn shoot (if you're willing to be on camera, have a US ID, and sign a 2257, come along around midday!)
• October 24: Society of Janus board game social
• October 31: Halloween Party!

We need a short motto! 124 characters or less (it's actually a Twitter competition you see)! Email me back with your suggestion by the end of THIS WEEKEND and WIN A T-SHIRT!

Remember our Post-Folsom Special? It's STILL ON!!!
The WONDERFUL Suzanne Rachel Forbes (who happens to be one of our awesome baristas) drew us exclusive images for Folsom for not one, but TWO coloring books: a Beefcake and a Cheescake version. The art work is just beautiful and worth having in your collection even if you won't ever color them in!

They are a paltry $5 each, but if you buy both, you can get them for $7.50. And you don't even need to be in San Francisco: go to our Coloring Book page and buy them off our website through Paypal. You can even request a personalized message with the artist's signature!

Don't forget about Lochai!
We have his beautiful photos on show right now. And what's more, they're for sale! Come ogle at them whilst his show is still here, and then take one home!

See y'all soon!
Rose and Psychokitty
Thursday, October 1st, 2009
4:46 pm
We finally have our back room at 289 8th Street up and running again, even if our own apartment looks like a bomb hit it...Which means that we have plenty of space for all you kinksters to come down and drink our fabulous coffee, tea, milkshakes and sodas and eat our delicious sweet things!

Post-Folsom Special
The WONDERFUL Suzanne Rachel Forbes (who happens to be one of our awesome baristas) drew us exclusive images for Folsom for not one, but TWO coloring books: a Beefcake and a Cheescake version. The art work is just beautiful and worth having in your collection even if you won't ever color them in!

They are a paltry $5 each, but if you buy both, you can get them for $7.50. And you don't even need to be in San Francisco: go to our Coloring Book page and buy them off our website through Paypal. You can even request a personalized message with the artist's signature!

Update on Food
We have just ONE more to line up to get sandwiches and salads up and running. We will have such delights as gorgonzola, pear and turkey in walnut lavine, and roasted red pepper and walnut salad. Keep an eye on the list and you'll be the first to know when we get our savory food going!

Update on our Boutique
New and wonderful items are being added to our boutique almost daily. See our Suppliers page for a full run down of our suppliers. They include amazing handmade jewelry, hand tooled aluminum butt plugs and ribbed steel urethral sounds, and handmade screenprinted leather goods. And let's not forget patented 100% vinyl dildos and butt plugs (you can use silicone lube!).

Don't forget that we have our Calendar on the Wicked Grounds website. Regular events are piling up now, including weekly bootblacking and chair massage. Check out our website for full details!

Rose and Psychokitty
Saturday, September 19th, 2009
4:43 pm
Many apologies for the lateness of the promotion for this, but as you know we've been crazy busy!

We have some amazing events planned for this week, so please show up and support both us and our special guests.

Monday 21st September, 7 - 10pm
Meet your local BDSM/kink/sex positive authors - including big names such as Two Knotty Boys, Jay Wiseman, Carol Queen, and Midori - up close and personal. Get your books signed and talk to them about their work!

Tuesday 22nd September, 7 - 10pm
- Artist James Courtney, Naked Comix
- Vanilla Cuffs and Collars jewelry
- Steampowered vibrator by Ani Niow
- JRO Designs, Jewelry by JaneRose
- Artist Suzanne Rachel Forbes
- Steampunk jewelry by Rachel Adams
- Screenprinted leather by Jake, Project TransAction

Thursday 24th September, 7 - 10pm
Celebrate with the Wicked Grounds crew on the opening of your one and only kink café and boutique. Help put all the problems with the city between your intrepid hosts, Ryan and Rose, and enjoy free nibbles and (non-alcoholic) drinks to mark this historic occasion!

Saturday 26th September, 4 - 8pm
Sore and achy from all those parties? Tense from excitement about the Fair? Come to Wicked Grounds, sit down with one of our amazing Ritual coffee drinks or a freshly made Double Rainbow milkshake, and get a massage from the amazing Randy Chaitkin (Certified Massage Therapist) of Knowing Touch Massage.

Sunday 27th September, 11 - 6pm
Join Wicked Grounds for their first ever Folsom Street Fair. We are sponsors and we have a street cafe, as well as our normal inside space. Find a haven among the craziness of a fair and enjoy our food and drinks, including our AMAZING cold brew iced coffee.

Look forward to seeing you for these events!
Rose and Psychokitty

*** Wicked Grounds ***
Kink café and boutique
289 8th Street (@Folsom), San Francisco, CA 94103
T: 415 503 0405
E: wickedgrounds@me.com
W: http://www.wickedgrounds.com
Tw: http://twitter.com/wickedgrounds
Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
4:42 pm
Yes! Finally! We have now passed our plumbing, building, and fire inspection and now only have our health inspection to go. BUT we need to be in a totally 'ready-to-open' state for that inspection to happen.

If you see the space now, you'll wonder how we're going to pull it off for our inspection tomorrow. WITH YOUR HELP!

Please! If you have an hour, two hours - anything - please come help us clean, sort, and move various things around in a Tetris-like manner. Your help is essential to us, today of all days.

We'll be there until we're done. Literally (I was there until 4:30 this morning).

See you for coffee, tea and kinkiness: SOON!
Thursday, September 10th, 2009
4:41 pm
We are SO close! So very close! So nearly open we can smell the coffee...wait a minute, we were doing Ritual training this week so smelling amazing coffee makes sense!

Opening day news
Soon! So very soon! We still refuse to name a day because dealing with the city is not the easiest thing in the world, but you people will be the first to know when we're open.

Yes, we're still asking for help!
There is pretty realistic prospect that we could be open within the week - IF - we get some help this weekend. There is painting do be done. There is cleaning to be done. There is sorting to be done. There's even label making to be done (mmmmmm, stationery...).

Again, if you have some spare time Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday this/next week, PLEASE come down to help. We can find something for everyone to do, and don't forget - if you've volunteered, you get invited to an exclusive volunteer appreciation party where there will be special and awesome prizes!

We'll be around from about 11am every day at 289 8th Street workin' away, but if you want to call before coming down, please feel free. Rose can be reached on 415 999 8734. Can't wait to see you all in your painting/cleaning clothes!
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
4:38 pm
Opening Day News!

Hello again!

Opening day news
The plumbing department have foiled us again! We have another section of floor to dig up so that we can sink the grease trap (the need for which is somewhat dubious in our minds anyway) 8" into the floor. They've chosen now to enforce the four year old plumbing code. Totally sucktastic.

So we're looking at later next week for opening: we have 4 more inspections to pass first! Eek!

We're still asking for help!
Our vounteers so far have been incredible! Please help that trend continue. We still have a lot of work to do (painting and cleaning mostly!), and the more bodies we can get to help us with this, the better. We'll be working our socks off EVERY DAY FROM 11AM ONWARDS!

See you soon!
Rose and Psychokitty
Saturday, August 29th, 2009
4:29 pm
PLEASE HELP OUT! This weekend!
We are gearing up to opening as fast as we can and we need YOUR help. THIS WEEKEND! Don't forget: there'll be a special party just for volunteers where we will be giving away FREE STUFF!

EEK! That's very short notice you say. I agree! What with the city issues, it's been really difficult to plan anything long term, so we couldn't tell you about this earlier.

Even if you can only spare us an hour, we would appreciate the help. The schedule is as follows:

SATURDAY, 11AM onwards: Cleaning, moving stuff, more cleaning, more moving stuff etc.
SUNDAY, 11AM onwards: Painting, moving stuff, more painting, more moving stuff (getting the idea?)

If none of that is your cup of tea, but you think you could bring the hungry workers food or drink, then that would be fabulous too!

If you want to call us to find out what's happening, please do so on 415 999 8734. Rose also keeps a constant eye on the Wicked Grounds email, and on our Twitter.

Hopefully see some of you soon!
Rose and Psychokitty
Monday, August 24th, 2009
4:19 pm
Thursday, August 20th, 2009
6:05 pm
[Mailing list message]
We're still working super hard to be open as soon as possible, but for now I'll just fill you in on the details of what's been going on!

Our problem with the city
So, we were all set to get our plumbing inspection, but it turned out that our landlord didn't get permits to do the underground plumbing work, so we had to rip out the concrete and tiled floor to show the inspector the pipe work. Which turned out to be wrong anyway. So the plumbers had to replace the pipes, wait for another inspection (passed!), and now my landlord has to get a building permit to refill the concrete floor in. This has obviously held us up immensely, but the upside is that we haven't had to pay to sort his problem out.

There is another downside though: the plumbing inspector violated us for all the work that we've already done on the place. All the so-called 'building' work - call me naïve, but I didn't realize we would need permits to box in a pipe! But apparently we did, which then means we needed architect plans, which then triggers our ADA compliance. This has meant more time and expense, but we're finally nearly there and we should be back working by the end of the week.

"Shut up already, and tell us when you'll be open"
Well, that really depends on how the construction and permits go in the next week. But: YOU CAN HELP! GET FREE STUFF (see below!).
We will have plenty of things for people to do: tables still need to be decorated, chairs still need to be re-covered, baseboard and picturerail still needs to be painted (before it goes on the wall) etc. etc.

So: Friday, Saturday and Sunday THIS WEEK are work days: come help out, or come feed us! We'll be working from about 11AM each day at 289 8th Street. Just come day, or give Rose a call on 415 999 8734 to see what's going on before heading down.

The MORE we get done this weekend, the EARLIER we'll be open! We'll be holding a volunteer party where you can WIN FREE STUFF, from people like Alt.com, Bondage.com, Shibaricon, Everything Butt, Hogtied.com, and Good Vibrations! Plus, Lochai, who is doing our first GALLERY SHOW, is going to donate a PRINT to give away!

See you all soon!
Rose and Psychokitty

Wicked Grounds
Kink café and boutique
289 8th Street (@Folsom), San Francisco, CA 94103
E: wickedgrounds@me.com
W: http://www.wickedgrounds.com
Tw: http://twitter.com/wickedgrounds
Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
6:00 pm
Join our mailing list!
Since I don’t get to update here as much as I would like, I have started a mailing list. Please email us and I’ll add you. Don’t worry, the list is kept on a password protected computer and won’t be given or sold to anyone else. It’s not a heavy traffic one either and you can unsubscribe at any time.

YES! I want to join your mailing list!
Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
5:55 pm
OMG it’s been a MONTH since I updated!!!
So the past month has been totally crazy - anyone who knows me more closely know this!

Things are going well, which is fabulous obviously! We’re really aiming to be open by Dore Alley Street Fair, which is on July 26th - just over 3 weeks away. This is a somewhat ambitious goal, but we’re doing everything we can to achieve it.

To make it possible, we’ve been having help from some awesome volunteers. And we always need more help. If you’re free for an afternoon, don’t mind keeping me company, and don’t mind getting a little dusty/dirty/painty (or driving me around too!), then drop me an email or send me a Twitter.
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